Importance Of Having A Website – Reason Why You Need One

There will be people who still asking “What is a website?”. It is still a common question somewhere around the world. A website basically is a SINGLE domain which consists of different web pages where you can show what is your company doing and how it is doing. Maybe a lot of us know what a website is, but surprisingly, majority of us do not know the benefits and importance of having a website.

The world now has been taken over by the internet, therefore, a website is a necessity for a business no matter you are SME or Corporate. If you have a business but do not have any website, you might losing some great business opportunities. Other than traditional way of marketing strategies, a website can be used to accomplish different area of marketing strategies to help your business grow too.

Visibility is one of the major factor to makes a website important. People might heard about your company, but in research, the fact is that people tend to research online first before they ready to step one step forward.

According to research:

85% of consumers are likely to purchase products or services when they are able to find information online.

Let’s see what are the benefits of having a website:

Less Expensive

Developing a website doesn’t not cost very high. You can either do it the very cheap way by just have to buy a domain name and use any free Content-Management-System, or you can hire professional website developer to do it for you. In marketing, advertised your business through printed media, radio, television is expensive! It is a necessary to invest in advertising, but it takes tons of money. But having a website definitely less expensive then those traditional media way.


Just imagine that you would like to buy a product from a physical store and you used up your time and money just to get to the store but the store is close when you reached. I believe most of us had that frustrated. By having a website, your visitor can visit it any time of the day or night at any places they feel comfort of, so you don’t have to turn your customers away because it’s closing time.

Like what I always said, people tend to search for information online before they step a step forward. So, just make sure that your website is in sufficient information about your product,service and also company info.


In the new era now, people tend to do research online before purchasing a product or services online. By having a website, somehow you are creating opportunity to tell your consumers why they should trust in you with facts and testimonials to back up those opportunities. A website does not only increase your business credibility but it also helps you to make a better impression of your company.

Global Market

The truth is, running a business with website is not only targeting local market. It is a world wide market. Which means, you can earn from different currency with the exchange rate. Doesn’t it sounds good?

Saves Time

In the traditional way, people will exchange information through the phone, face-to-face, email or in a brochure. Now, with an online catalog, you can provide all the information about your products and services attached with “Frequent Ask” to ask answer consumer’s question. It definitely saves up your time!


Website is more eco-friendly when it comes to advertising. There are many ways of marketing strategies you can use to advertise your product or services on the internet. For example, SEO, it is an effective and important marketing strategy that directing more traffic to your website; Facebook marketing, you are able to choose the target audience you would like to promote to. These online marketing strategies or advertisement have been proven that it is effective.

Fact: You can gain more advantages by having a more professional website.

We always believe that, the most important marketing tools is to have a well-designed website.

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